Our vocational school, was established on 6 December 1976 under the Ministry of National Education. On 20 July 1982,  it has been incorporated by Akdeniz University by decree number of 41, and turned in to an undergraduate degree vocational school which is affiliated to Isparta, Faculty of Engineering. On 3 July 1992,it has been connected to the Suleyman Demirel University by the law number of 3837 Finally, on 17.03.2006 it has been named as vocational school by affiliated to Mehmet Akif Ersoy University  with the law number of 5467.

Vocational School of Higher Education has been seperated in to three parts as Technical Sciences Vocational School, Social Sciences Vocational School and Burdur Vocational School, by the offical letter which is dated with 16.05.2012  and numbered as 21374 and by the  determination of YÖK preciency.
It is serves with 15 offices, 17 classrooms is with projection, 2 laboratories, 1 meeting room, 1 conference room, 1 cafeteria, 1 library, 1 dining room,in the closed area of 7100 m² and it has 1 artificial turf,1 volleyball court, 1 basketball court in the open area of 4000 m².

In our vocational school;
Application of Accounting and Taxation,
Office Management and Executive Assistant,
Call Center Services,
Civil Air Transport Management,
Health Institutions Management programs are present.

By following up the technology and the other developments our vocational school is progressing rapidly. Supported with the contemporary practice of education and training opportunities our students reinforce their theoretical knowledge by practicing in laboratories.

A large number of students who graduate from our school, works in their fields, or, they pass DGS and continue  their education by transfering to four-year  programs.

To train highly qualified professionals, with the qualification of producing universal knowledge  and technology, researcher, participator, needed by business world with original and aesthetic values, with  professional and technical skills in universal standards  and  affiliated to Atatürk's principles and revolutions.(hata olma ihtimali yüksek)

To be an institution which is; encouraging teamwork, with collaborative management, making efforts  to solve provincial, regional and national problems, having with the information and skills which is required by the modern  vocational and technical education, following up technological advancements, training professionals who are qualified to sought internationally, leading the change, making proud of being a member of this institution.